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Some unexpected discoveries by a group of 45 Pakistani students on a six-week long visit to India to experience the arts and culture and meet ordinary people… 


A student from Pakistan writes about her magical and transformative trip to India last year


Delhiites thronged the festival on all three days to own their linguistic legacy of Urdu


To be produced by award-winning veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal, the project traces the story of two musicians from across the border and their journey of self discovery


Amidst the ongoing uncertain political relationship between India and Pakistan, a lecture series in Delhi by the renowned Pakistani artist Salima Hashmi provided some much-needed insights into life across the border.


How an Indian became the Creative Director and Curator of the first Pakistan International Film Festival and took a delegation of Indian filmmakers over to Karachi for the event, is a story that illustrates the people’s intense desire for cross-border connections. 


While Indian producers refuse to work with Pakistani ‘talent’ in the future, the film community in Pakistan contemplates whether to advocate for artistic freedom (Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s pro-peace messages) or to rebuff any opportunity of a joint venture in retaliation.


An Indian filmmaker’s visit to Pakistan for the World of Tomorrow conference revives hope for artistic collaborations


Prominent journalists, activists participate in a farewell event for the outgoing Pakistan ambassador to India